Saturday, December 19, 2009

Here I go...

So, I blog on a regular basis about my life elsewhere. But here, here I blog about food. Or I will, I should say. Here I'll share with you places I eat locally and what I think about each thing I consume. I'll even take you with me when I'm eating somewhere else in the world.

I like to eat well. I like to enjoy what I'm eating. More often than not, I like what I cook better than what I eat out. Chances are, if you stick with me for a while, I'll end up finding something I like when I eat out and try to make it at home. Now that's a good challenge!

Even if no one else ever reads this, I'll least have a reference to restaurants I've enjoyed or completely disliked. That's a good tool for a foodie like me. However, my mouth usually doesn't forget a divine meal or a terrible experience.

So, here I go...

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